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It’s a NO!

It’s A No! add this to your dictionary. Lifesaving word it is. Lately, this is all I am saying and receiving. Just like, incoming and outgoing. I don’t know why I have stayed detached to this word. Now I wonder how this could have in real changed so many relations, situations, decisions that I have been and was trapped into. But like the saying, “der aye, durust aye, par aye toh sahi.” So yes, I did make my fall here. Not saying No has ruined so much. No more though, I have the right word to seal all other lips; it’s called NO.

Grinning and staying strong. Every girl must learn to say NO! it isn’t a taboo, trust me. Even if it was, it’s worth saying it ladies. I bet you on this. People around me at times still cribs out when I say No but I am getting the hang of it. I know the world fears a lot, especially when it’s about a woman rising or making her life better than theirs. So, you know, just rock n roll while they burn.

Plus, I say No to extra work when my desk is already action-packed. I say No to going out (especially to sick relative’s place) because all I wanna do is laze around and listen to music or binge onto something that I love. I say No to boy(s) too because nobody, literally, no one has any right on me and I don’t care what they would think. Let it be, set it out. I say No to many more things, that makes me uncomfortable. I don’t wish to doubt myself or my decision later on. It’s just not me. I am not perfect but I am me, this way or some other way. I will not grip in anything that I don’t believe in, my heart doesn’t believe in.

Saying NO doesn’t make me selfish and it won’t make you too. NO simply means, making time for life and to be/to do something sans rue.

– Drishti Arora

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Some, Something!

Slow Down! I want this to echo. Echo in me so that every time I make quick decisions or when I am screwing things. This stops me right there. Making me sure to hold on for some more time or for some more of something. Something that I can’t really describe or think about. But some more of something.

I was rough to myself. I realise how dry and brittle I acted. I am mad at myself. Very mad.

I was not in my sense at all. Something ripping must have happened to me. I wish I had a timeline machine you know. But what was it? I am not scared of failure so my runaway is not a culprit here but I guess not saying ‘NO’ is. How do people say No to the people they love? I need classes for this. Really.

And even while scribbling this, I am asking myself. Where are my words? I guess I will not be able to complete this post. I have skimpy flies on me. Oh, by the way, I went to Starbucks for my binge eating disorder, Red Velvet. This didn’t work too. I felt leer and I did smirk but still, nothing changed.

It is fine to be off track sometimes. Just that I don’t want this shade of life to stay for long. Because I don’t like the void. And being void to me means utterly meaningless. If you are wondering why I am sounding in such grief, then, I have made two most stupid decisions. I am not exactly regretting but I am not happy to do that. Just not something, I expect myself in. The thought and the decision have frozen inside. Certainly, I have disappointed many people, which makes me feel worse. Like a sinner. Failure does not matter but disappointment does. Especially, when others rue about it and you know you are the reason behind. I am ending this here. Period.

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-Drishti Arora



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Love always, guess!?

Not once, twice, thrice or four (ice) I have backspaced what I wrote before this. I did it enormous times. No, I was not fretting to scribble down. I was just afraid of being me in a changed way. My absence has been for long now. Though nothing to be proclaimed as a personal reason, I was solely finding my life’s calculation.

Sounds bizarre? It did to me as well. But anyway. This is not the crux I want to highlight.

Meanwhile, I was moved after reading and watching ‘The perks of being a wallflower’. I wished and still do, to have someone in my life to whom I can write letters and spill out my heart. So what if this generation has WhatsApp and Snapchat. For me, Vintage is gold and will always be. The moment I finished reading the book I desperately wanted to watch the movie, and I did watch.

I still feel like I am living like Charlie, the character. Of course not going through PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) but I am being transparent to self and thoughts, like he was. Not thinking to sleep with anyone who I meet at parties or anywhere else. I am trying to make friends too and I am not a bad person, like him. Sadly, I cannot make mixtapes like Charlie made for his best friends but I want to create one having all those lyrics mixed that I truly mean and then wrap it up someday for someone. I too didn’t know other people have thought things about me, Charlie in his innocence and honesty made me leap several times.

Most importantly, “Even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there”

This was in the Epilogue.14. Charlie bangs the ending with this beautifully versed quote.

­You know, in the teenage time; you behave and act like a runner and literally, you make your life run into everything. Your speedy friends, love interest and sex, sneaking out nights, bunking away the lectures, acting cool and so forth. The drama runs endlessly. But apparently, life is not running in that very moment it is ruining. Yes. Ruining.

We crave for everything swiftly and then wander being loners and lost. There is always a right and wrong wall. Why don’t we see it? Life is about lessons and experience indeed, I am not denying. But is life really asking you to act like a runner and wheech your world around? I don’t think so.

In the end, we are all destined to have beautiful endings. Eventually, we all have our light bulb moment hitting us.

To this, I decided upon scribbling my life moments, thoughts and the hustle bustle of my life with transparency and believing. Transparency because I am proud of who I am today and shall be tomorrow. I have fought, loved, ran, fooled myself and a lot more that needs to be unmuted. Moreover, believing because judging is totally a mainstream thingy and there is a world beyond then pointing fingers. I am sure one day I will at least receive a mail saying, “you have made yourself heard.” 

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-Drishti Arora

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Postcard Sort Affair

Somewhere amidst of all the incomings and outgoings happening in my life. This late realization in me has made me believe in the wizard of love yet again.

Tables turned the second time, and my heart no more hushes. I was/am happy and living out-and-out just with a slight change now. That reminds me, ‘Live to Love’ the jump of the alphabet, I to O. Making it apt for my quintessential.

I verse all day long keeping you alive in my memories. binding deed drishti arora blog

Mirror to smile,
Songs to heart dance,
Belongingness to soul,
Fragrance to your presence,
Blush to memories,
Longingness to future,
Goals to our togetherness.

This is how; I can create and re-create you bridging the gap. Even though you are miles away, I am merging and chanting in love profoundly.

Your senses await me, tickle me.

-Drishti Arora

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Six Inches Of Heels

Maktub shining brightly on me. I never knew I would learn and understand so much. Life is about much more than being a humanitarian. Most of all, the kinds of people we meet has a vital role. Other than broken hearts, teary eyes, leaping smiles, and strong pillars world has omens to offer us. The good and bad set of omens.

Anyway, no more blabbering! Since I was away from my scribbling space. Therefore, justice has to be done. I have learned and understood quite a lot of things. The life lessons that no book teaches, and will never be able to render.

Penning down the six things that I learned when I had fit-in heels to survive.

Guffaws to life and to roads that are always an omen.

  1. Expectations kill. I had heard this several times but realized lately. Expectations made me sink so deep. Almost croaked. Live up to reality and become pragmatic. You will never be disheartened, never.
  2. When you are earning, always make sure you are not dependent on a single source. Because if that single source shuts off, your life flips upside down entirely. Expand your horizons.
  3. Everything happens for good. Moreover, lately, I discovered that everything that made me frown in the past was more of a blessing happening than melancholy. Therefore, acceptance to what is offered is bliss. 
  4. Give time to life. I have been on a rollercoaster that had no breaks to be stopped. When I tried to stop the ride, it was already late. Life will no day come with an undo option.
  5. Never be dependent on others for appreciation and motivation. Do the self-love more often. Tell yourself you are doing great. Also, always look back and record your learning/working progress.
  6. Dependence is an error that leaves a big hole in our life. Erase this error off completely. Learn to write, speak, work, chase, and everything independently. Being independent is the newest drug around.

Consequently, don’t find yourself in others, glaze up being your own version of savvy.

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-Drishti Arora

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Freedom or Free’dumb’ 

The day any of us are born, the cycles begin.

Failing and learning through the constant process of growth, we become the future flag bearers for our country’s well-being and betterment. Be it running in circles at school or brainstorming at work, we learn things or innovate which will eventually get logged into the development bocks of our nation, and that’s exactly what we do, even if it is a simple task of paying taxes every month.

Since the day we are born, we are taken up as trees in the making, starting out as seeds, using resources for our processes and begetting thoughts, ideas, and action as beneficial by-products. Some of us are indicted to the front lines with the duty of protecting citizens while some are given the task nurturing the future of one’s motherland, i.e., children. In today’s time, white-collar jobs with air-conditioned rooms are more of a trend whereas there are some who spend years of harvesting and reaping our energy dosages; crops basically.


Slowly and steadily, there comes a time of dilemma, when you are chained down by the beliefs of others. Viewpoints and bits of advice have been imposed on you during this phase to such an extent that you kneel down in a shadowy corner and wonder to yourself, “When am I going to be free?” with no answers to your screams. All that is left is to keep moving, matching up with the pace of those who are aimlessly walking right by you, chained down by the dogma of society, just like you.

If any of the above seemed morbid, fret not, because for a flower to bloom or a fruit ripens, the worst must be overcome, and as far as our journey is concerned, we have as well. After dragging our feet through confusion, we eventually acquired a funny stability and achieved a certain level of happiness, which feels unreal at times. Just by working hard and being a good citizen, we have given so much to our country. We did not have to carry an AK-47 every day or mobilize mobs in our neighborhood in order to do something for our country. That day when you gave biscuits to your street dogs on the way back home, helped the elderly gentleman carry his suitcase by the stairs even after knowing you’ll be late to work, didn’t choose to litter the road and actually search for a dustbin, you did something really small, but significant for our country as whole. Smile, because even though you were busy living life, you kept giving, and that very act of giving is sometimes the noblest thing a person can ever do.

At the end of your time something happens, you open your eyes to a clear blue sky with birds flying all around calmly, as if to signify they are going to keep moving into the abyss. You sip your hot coffee and pick up the newspaper while realizing the fact that life is somewhat better than all those years of living. Your favorite radio channel is playing Vande Mataram and you notice a kite descending towards your balcony and it clicks you, today is something, something special. Refocusing at the newspaper, you notice a full page banner of our country’s national colors with bold text on it, and without even reading those words, you say to yourself, “At last, 70 to Azaadi.

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-Drishti Arora